Why choose a rotary washing line over a tumble dryer?

Rotary washing line and tumble dryer

Everybody in the World washes their clothes which leaves everybody needing to find a way to dry their clothes quickly and effectively to keep them fresh and from them smelling of damp. There are many different methods that have been invented over the years in order to dry clothes.

The more traditional of these methods include using natural elements such as sunshine and wind whilst more recent methods involve technological advancements and on the most part electricity. In this article, we look at the benefits and drawbacks of choosing a rotary washing line over a tumble dryer helping you to decide which method of drying clothes is best for you.

At Washing-Line we have also created a guide to the advantages and disadvantages of rotary washing lines.

Energy Consumption

This is definitely a one-sided argument as tumble dryers use electricity in comparison to rotary washing lines which only use the natural elements. However, it is the amount of electricity that a tumble dryer uses which is a concern. The combination of rotating the barrel to move the washing as well as the generation of hot air to aid in the process of drying requires a large amount of energy. This is not only expensive to the user causing their household bills to rise, but also has a negative effect on the environment.

On the other hand, rotary washing lines use the natural resources of wind and sunshine in order to dry clothes. The clever design of rotary washing lines allows the head of the device to spin with the wind. This allows more air to flow through the clothes speeding up the drying process. We are under no illusion that rotary washing lines are a complete solution to drying wet clothes, especially in colder seasons. However, if the weather conditions are right and you have the choice of using a rotary washing line or a tumble dryer then the savings in energy and money make it a real no brainer. 



Rotary washing lines are not only much cheaper than tumble dryers in the initial purchase. They are also a one-time expense, meaning that they do not cost to run each time they are used and need minimal maintenance. You can purchase affordable rotary washing line or a premium rotary washing line depending on your budget. Alternatively, tumble dryers are a much more expensive method of drying your clean washing. In order to purchase a reasonable quality tumble dryer, you will need a minimum of £150. This is astronomical if you compare it with a medium-range rotary washing line at £30. Tumble dryers then cost a reasonable amount of money to run as they tend to use large amounts of electricity increasing your household bills. As if these costs weren’t enough tumble dryers have the possibility of malfunctioning which brings extra repair costs as well as hassle. 

Better For Clothes

We have all had that new jumper that we washed for the first time and indivertibly flung in the tumble dryer without thinking about it. So, we all know the heartbreak when you pull it out an hour or so later to find it three sizes smaller than when you put it in. There are two reasons why clothes drink in a tumble dryer. The first reason is that tumble dryers use high heat to remove moisture from clothes this causes most fabrics and textiles to shrink. The second way that clothes shrink during tumble drying is the constriction of fibres due to the tossing motion of the rotating barrel. These actions can damage your clothes on not only the first time you tumble dry them but every time you use this method.  

Alternatively, rotary washing lines do not use any artificial heat to dry clothes allowing the natural heat of the sun to aid in drying. The hanging of clothes in addition to the wind produced spinning of the rotary washing line head allows air to pass through clothes without causing any damage to the fabric or material. 

No Smell

When you use a rotary washing line the natural sunlight and wind drying leads to clothes remaining fresh and odourless. The alternative option of using a tumble dryer can leave clothes smelling stale especially if they are left sitting in the dryer for a while.

Higher Clothes Capacity

One of the main issues with tumble dryers is the size of the barrel. You can purchase tumble dryers with large drum sizes; however, these are typically more expensive to purchase as well as more expensive to run and cause more harm to the environment. In comparison, rotary washing lines are relatively space-effective having the ability to hold a large number of clothes. Rotary washing lines have this capability to hold a large number of garments as standard models normally have a minimum of 3 or 4 lines to hang clothes from. 

Space Efficiency

Another advantage of using a rotary washing line vs a tumble dryer is the amount of space they take up both when in use as well as when not in use. Typically, now tumble dryers have made their way into people’s houses being stored in kitchens or utility rooms. These bulky machines not only take up a large amount of space that could possibly be utilised better. But they are also difficult to move and detach or reattach meaning they cannot be easily stored elsewhere when not in use. 

Rotary washing lines are much more space-efficient equipment for drying clothes. The clever design allows for the device to be folded when not in use, reducing the amount of space they take up. They are also relatively small and thin in comparison to tumble dryers as well as taking up space in the garden as opposed to the house which is typically more spacious. 

Design Choice

There is now a range of different rotary washing line designs available on the market. The innovation in rotary washing line styles has led to new stylish options that can fit the aesthetic of your garden. These new rotary clothes line models include wall-mounted versions which save more space than traditional styles and do not require being cemented in. 

Regarding tumble dryers, there is only one real design of a box machine with a clothes barrel that exists. This lack of variation means that if you want a tumble dryer then a bulky box model is the only real option. 

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