Advantages and disadvantages of heavy-duty rotary washing lines

Advantages of drying wet washing on a rotary clothesline.

In gardens and outdoor spaces all over the world, a heavy-duty rotary washing line is a staple. For many years they have been an extremely popular way to dry your laundry, and remain so, even with the advancement of modern technology. Want to know the pros and cons of a heavy-duty rotary washing line? Well, here at we have done just that.

Benefits of a Heavy-Duty Rotary Washing Line

Durable and Resistant to Weather

Nowadays, most rotary washing lines are constructed with galvanized steel to create a frame perfect for protecting it from the elements. Their construction allows them to be used in many forms of weather and prevents the rotary washing line from corroding in adverse conditions that may occur in any season, in many different countries and climates across the world. As with the rotary element of the washing line, the steel post is there to provide a sturdy base capable of withstanding high winds and extreme weather.

You should expect your washing line to have a life span of up to 20 years if maintained properly. Ensuring your rotary washing line is fitted correctly is a good place to start, and will allow your washing line to withstand the elements and give it the best chance to reach its potential life expectancy.

Increased Clothesline Length

Do you know the really ingenious element of a rotary washing lines design? Its ability to give you 30 plus meters of washing line, in a very compact and neat design. The design allows you to wash large loads of washing while using very little space. This allows you to utilize your outdoor space to its full potential, no matter how large or minute the area. This is one of the major benefits a heavy-duty rotary washing line has over a standard retractable washing line and leads us to believe that a rotary washing line is the most space-efficient drying solution on the market today.

Large Loading Capacity

One of the main advantages of the heavy-duty rotary washing line is not only its sturdy base but the robust construction of the aluminium brackets and slides. These are the components of your washing line that give you the ability to dry large loads of washing, without any worry of arriving home to find your fresh washing on the floor! Your clothesline only needs to cover short distances as it sits between the heavy-duty rotary arms, allowing the weight of your washing to be evenly distributed. This prevents strain on your washing line and stops your clothesline overstretching or sagging.

Kind to Clothes & Environmentally Friendly

Exposing your clothes to the elements, and allowing them to dry naturally has been scientifically proven to be better than artificial methods, such as a tumble dryer. When clothes are exposed to the artificial heat of a tumble dryer, for example, the fibres in the material contract and can cause shrinkage, unlike the natural process that you get with a heavy-duty washing line. Your laundry is allowed to breathe and dries at its own pace, while sunlight also plays its part, killing any extra bacteria that may be lingering on your clothes.

Your heavy-duty rotary washing line isn’t just kind on your clothes though. For many years, the more modern tumble dryer was the drying method of choice, but there is an increasing number of consumers reverting back to the environmentally friendly washing line. Using wind and sunlight to dry your clothes is clearly a lot kinder on the environment than the tumble dryer, which uses a lot of electricity with each cycle.

Easy to Use Mechanism

Due to their clever design, heavy-duty washing lines are very easy to operate. Whether it be a rotating hoist handle or an umbrella system, they are extremely easy to use allowing them to be used by pretty much anyone. The rotating hoist handle does ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ and is raised and lowered by the rotating handle. Just wind it up and down, simple!

The umbrella system also operates just as you’d expect. Pinch the clasp at the neck of your heavy-duty washing line and slide the rotary arms up the pole until they’ve fully extended and it clicks into position. To collapse, simply follow the same instructions in reverse. Pinch the clasp to unlock your washing line and slide it back down the pole.


Heavy-duty rotary washing lines are not only extremely affordable at the point of purchase, but to maintain also. As long as you show your rotary washing line a bit of TLC from time to time, its robust design should allow it to function effectively for a long time, saving you pennies along the way. Unlike a tumble dryer which will continue to add cost to your electricity bills after purchase, there are no added costs with your washing line.

If you really want to extend the lifetime of your washing line then it may be worth investing in washing line cover. While adding to your initial cost, more often than not, your washing line cover will pay for itself in the long run. If you are looking for the best rotary washing line for the right price, then read our best rotary washing line review.

Drawbacks of Heavy-Duty Rotary Washing Lines

Reliant on Good Weather

The reliance on good weather is the rotary washing lines major drawback, and the amount of use you get out of your washing line can vary hugely depending on where you are in the world. While in hotter climates you may be able to use your heavy-duty washing line all year round, in others you may only be able to use it through the warmer months of the year.

Need Outdoor Space

While most people have access to an outdoor space, this doesn’t apply to everyone. As urban areas get increasingly overpopulated, the amount of communal outdoor space in which people can erect their heavy-duty washing line is decreasing. This may leave them with no option but use other drying methods, such as a tumble dryer.

Takes Up Outdoor Space

This may be a problem for those who have a smaller outdoor space at their disposal. If your washing line is permanently fixed then it may become an obstacle at times, but there is a solution. There are a lot of removable rotary washing lines on the market which allow you to only have your washing line up when in use. At Washing-Line we advise you to bear this in mind before choosing the best rotary washing line for you.

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