How to install ground spike for rotary dryer?

Guide on how to install a ground spike for a rotary dryer.

If you have found yourself reading this article then you may have just purchased a rotary washing line without realising what you need to do to install the ground spike. Alternatively, you might have done it before but just want a little refresher. If you haven’t made a purchase yet and you’re not sure which model to buy then read our best rotary washing line review.

Luckily for you, we have years of experience in guiding regular people on how to correctly install rotary washing lines among a range of other products. At Washing-Line we use our knowledge combined with the feedback of readers and even get our own hands dirty sometimes to make sure our guides are the best out there. 

What tools do you need?

Before you start digging any holes or getting too ahead of yourself, you first need to make sure that you have all the right tools for the job. Below is a complete list of all of the tools you will need close to hand in order to install a ground spike for a rotary dryer.

Ground Spike: Seemingly obvious, but make sure you have the ground spike nearby. It is also good to know the size measurements of your ground spike which will be included in the paperwork that comes with it. 

Spade: A good quality spade able to dig into the surface where you want to place the rotary washing line. 

1 x Bag of Post Mix Concrete: Available from any local hardware store and even some supermarkets.

Bucket: A robust outdoor bucket to combine the post-mix concrete and water.

Spirit Level: Standard spirit level will be sufficient. Digital spirit levels and longer bar models can be more useful.

Water: Normal tap water will do the trick.

Safety Equipment: We suggest that you wear gloves and goggles during the process to protect yourself especially when handling the steps including post mix.

Guide to installing a ground spike for a rotary dryer

This next section is our step by step guide on how to install a ground spike for a rotary washing line. We start our easy to follow steps at the point when you have decided where you want your rotary dryer to go, and you’re ready to get stuck in.

Step One: Dig a Hole Using The Spade

Easy right? Simply dig a hole in the area where you want the rotary airer to be positioned using the spade. This hole should be the same depth as the ground spike and roughly one spade width’s wide. 

Step Two: Place The Ground Spike Into The Hole

Insert the ground spike into the hole with the open end pointing up. 

Step Three: Add Water To The Post Mix Concrete

Read the instructions on the back of the post-mix concrete (these vary slightly between brands) and put enough post-mix into the bucket in order to fill the hole. Next, add the right amount of water to the post-mix according to the packet instructions. As soon as the water is added mix immediately and if possible continue mixing until the next step.

Step Four: Pour The Post-Mix Concrete Combined With Water Into The Hole

Slowly pour the contents of the bucket into the hole you dug out earlier. Sometimes it is better to add it a bit at a time in order to allow it to fill out the hole properly ready to set.

Step Five: Use Your Spirit Level

After you have added enough post-mix concrete to surround the ground spike and fill the hole, check that the ground spike is perfectly level. This is really important to make sure that your rotary washing line is as stable as possible.

Step Six: Keep Checking Your Ground Spike

If you have never used post-mix concrete before then you won’t know that it sets very quickly. Typically, it will take 5 to 10 minutes for the post-mix to fully set. During this period you need to keep checking your ground spike is level and has not leaned to one side.

Step Seven: Check The Concrete Is Dry

Once 10-15 minutes have passed then check that the concrete has dried. After this process, some people like to cover the concrete with the grass removed in step one. To do this simply place it over the concrete making sure there is a hole for the ground spike.

Step Eight: Insert The Rotary Washing Line Pole Into The Ground Spike

Finally, insert the pole of your rotary washing line into the ground spike. Now you have a full rotary washing line ready to use.

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