How to restring a rotary washing line?

Restringing a rotary washing line.

The clothesline that hangs on a rotary clothes dryer is meant to be taut enough to hold up heavy, wet clothing and allow it to dry. Over time, the weight of the clothes begins to stretch out the line and make it sag. At first, tightening the line without replacing it might work. Eventually, the line will no longer hold itself tight and you will need to replace it entirely. On the other hand, if your rotary clothesline device as a whole is a bit knackered then check out our best rotary washing line review to see what’s on the market.

If you have a rotary dryer with a drooping or sagging clothesline then fear not. At Washing-Line we have made a full guide on how to restring a rotary washing line. In this guide, we cover how to replace a rotary clothesline on standard models including tensioner and hook or hole models. This process may vary between designs, so this article might not be right for your rotary dryer.

How to Restring a Rotary Washing Line Which has Tensioners?

Step 1 - Measure the Clothesline Space

The first thing you need to do is figure the length of clothesline that you are going to need. You can do this by checking the specifications of your device (typically devices are either 40m, 45m, 50m or 60m).

Alternatively, if you are only replacing one side of the rotary washing line then measure the gap between the two metal arms. To make the next step quicker you can use measure the new clothesline directly against the rotary arms.

Step 2 - Cut the New Clothesline

Cut the new clothesline to make a section a few inches longer than the gap it needs to cover.

Step 3 - Unscrew the Clothesline Cover

Clotheslines are typically attached to rotary washing lines and then secured with a cover. To get to the sagging rotary washing line unscrew the cover by turning it in an anti-clockwise action. Once you have done this on one rotary arm, do it on the other rotary arm that is securing the other end of the clothesline.

Step 4 - Pull Out the Existing Clothesline

Once exposed, untie the existing clothesline that you want to replace. The line will likely be secured using a tensioner. Simply, pull the line away from this to release the sagging clothesline. Again, repeat this action on the other rotary arm.

Step 5 - Insert the New Clothesline

To start this step, insert one end of the new clothesline through the tensioner component. This should be done from the outside towards the rotary arm. After this, wrap the end of the new clothesline around the tensioner base and into the groove. Next, thread the new clothesline back again through the tensioner at the front.

Step 6 - Trim the End of the New Clothesline

Cut the end of the clothesline ensuring that you leave around ½ an inch of excess clothesline. Then, replace the tensioner cover back on the one side of the rotary arm that you have completed attaching the new line too. 

Step 7 - Thread the Other Cover onto the Free End of the New Clothesline

On the free end of the clothesline, thread on the cover and put it out the way.

Step 8 - Insert the Free End through the Tensioner

Insert the free end of the new clothesline through the tensioner on the opposing rotary arm from the front to the back. Once you have done this, pull the line tight. 

Step 9 - Wrap the Clothesline the Tensioner of the Opposing Rotary Arm

Once inserted, slide the clothesline through the groove and around the base of the tensioner. Ensure that you keep it tight throughout this process so the clothesline stays taut.

Step 10 - Feed the Clothesline Back Through and Trim

Return the clothesline back through the front section of the tensioner. After this, snip off the end to about ½ an inch in length. 

Step 11 - Replace the Opposing Clothesline Cover

As with the other section, return the cover back onto the end of the clothesline and screw it in place to secure.

How to Restring a Rotary Washing Line Which has a Hook or Hole Model?

Step 1 - Tie Your New Clothesline around the Hook or Hole

Thread the new length of clothesline through the hook and tie it. Alternatively, with a holes model simply just thread the clothesline through the hole.

Step 2 - Pull The Clothesline Through Until The Next Arm

Keep pulling the new clothesline over to the next rotary arm. With a hook model, simply wrap it around the next hook. On a hole model simply feed it through the next hole. Regardless of the rotary washing line model ensure that the line is taught after this step.

Step 3 - Continue Repeating Step 2 Around The Whole Device

Repeat step 2 around the device threading the new clothesline. When you finally reach back around to the first rotary arm then drop down a layer and repeat the process. 

Step 4 - Tie A Knot On The End To Secure The New Clothesline

When you reach the last hook or hole of the rotary washing line in the inner section (after you have restrung all the clotheslines), then tie it to the hook or tie a knot on hole models.

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