How to fix a rotary washing line that won’t open?

Wet washing hanging on a fixed rotary clothesline.

Rotary washing lines are built to last and a lifespan of a minimum of 5 years (up to 20 years) is expected from a good model. Unfortunately, after some time your rotary washing line may begin to have some issues especially if they are not maintained correctly. This may be down to constant exposure to the weather, incorrect use or simply just ageing of the mechanisms. One of these issues can be that your rotary washing line won’t open properly. This could be the result of several different reasons. However, there is no need to worry or even think about buying a new rotary washing line as we are here to help!

At Washing-Line we have made a list of things you can do in order to fix a rotary washing line that won’t open. Our easy to follow tips will hopefully have your rotary washing line fully open again in no time, allowing you to get that wet washing dry. All of the quick fixes we guide you through below are sent in from people like you; who have let us know how they fixed their rotary washing line that wouldn’t open. If you know of a way to fix a broken rotary washing line and it isn’t on our list then get in touch and we will get it included!

What is a rotary washing line?

There is nothing worse than having a load of wet washing which has just finished in the washing machine and having nowhere to dry it. There are a range of different options you can choose in order to dry your clothes: from traditional washing lines, clothes airers and tumble dryers. One of the most favoured ways to dry washing is the rotary washing line. This is because rotary washing lines are cheap to purchase, harness the power of the weather and do not harm the environment with each use.

The clever design of a rotary washing line allows for the pole to remain steady as the top section which includes arms joined together by clotheslines to rotate in the wind. This rotation increases the amount of air that flows through the wet washing and increases the speed at which the clothes dry. These arms then fold into the pole meaning that the rotary washing line takes up less space when it is not in use. At Washing-Line we have created a review of the best rotary washing lines available on the market which you should definitely check it out!

Guide to fixing a rotary washing line that won't open

There are two common reasons why your rotary washing line won’t open, and both are easily solvable. Below we have identified what they are and how to fix it so you can get your rotary washing line fully operational again. If you are having trouble with opening your rotary washing line, then at Washing-Line we advise not to be too forceful with the device as this can cause the mechanism or clotheslines to break. Instead, read our tips on how to open a rotary washing line below and try them out.

If you find yourself having to regularly repair your rotary washing device then you should consider getting a heavy-duty rotary clothesline.

Safety Clip Not Removed

This is a really easy to solve problem and you might kick yourself for not seeing it earlier. When you buy a new rotary washing line from a manufacturer, they typically include a safety clip which stops them from extending. This is just there to stop the devices from extending and keeping them compact during their shipping. The safety clip will sit around the pole above the rotary arms and when you try to push the rotary arms upwards in order to expand the washing line, it will prevent the device from sliding up the post and opening. To fix this, simply remove the safety clip. Your rotary washing line will then be free to extend and collapse back into the pole. This will only be a one-time problem and once sorted you are ready to use your new rotary washing line!

Clotheslines Tangled on Rotary Arms

Out of all our readers that have got in touch with us about their rotary washing line not opening properly, this has been the reason most of the time. The one benefit of this being the problem is that it takes seconds to solve. Basically, when rotary washing lines are used regularly being extended and collapsed sometime the clotheslines in between the rotary arms can get tangled. The lines tend to tangle around the arms which means that when you try to extend your rotary washing line the tangled clothesline will prevent the top section from fully opening.

To fix this problem gently extend your rotary washing line into the point at which it will not go any higher. Once at this point lower the rotary washing line slightly and investigate the different clotheslines to ensure that none are wrapped around one of the rotary arms. As soon as you find where your tangle is, untangle the clothesline and try fully opening your rotary washing line again. When retrying to open your rotary washing line you should do this gently as there be more than one tangle. If it does get caught again then simply repeat the process until you identify and untangle all of the snagged clotheslines.

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