Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Washing Line 500 Deluxe​ Review

Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Washing Line 500 Deluxe

Our most expensive pick, but an incredible heavy-duty rotary washing line.
£175.99 Latest Price

Welcome to our Leifheit Linomatic 500 Deluxe rotary washing line review. If you have found your way to this article then you are probably considering which is the best rotary airer for you. Luckily, at Washing-Line our experience in the household and outdoor product industry means that we know anything and everything about all different types of clotheslines. Our goal is to provide balanced reviews after rigorous testing to give you the best information and advice before you spend your money. We think that the Leifheit Linomatic 500 Deluxe is a great rotary washing line, see our Best Rotary Washing Line Review to see where we ranked it against every other device available on the market.

Leifheit Linomatic 500 Deluxe Specifications

Although it may not be a common name in the UK, Leifheit is a leading brand in household products across Europe, well known for its high quality. Based in Germany, the manufacturing company is one of the industry leaders in rotary washing lines with the Linomatic Rotary Washing Line Deluxe ranger being the real jewel in their crown. The range includes the 400, 500 and 600 rotary washing lines which are identical in function and design with the only difference being the size. 

For this review, we will focus on the Linomatic Rotary Washing Line 500 Deluxe model which has a 50-meter washing line. However, all of the information is also relevant to the 400 models (40m clothesline) and the 600 models (60m clothesline). At Washing-Line we really don’t think you can go wrong with a Deluxe Linomatic Rotary Washing Line. Although we do understand that they may be slightly more expensive than other products included in our best rotary washing line review, we can’t help but love them. 

The first thing that stands out about the Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Washing Line 500 Deluxe is the washing line space. From our tests, we managed to fit up to four loads of washing onto the clothesline. This is a major benefit if you have a large family, wash the local sports team kit or work uniforms. As if that was not enough this rotary washing line also incorporates hooks for up to 8 coat hangers. The outside clothesline measures an impressive 2.03m on each side which is more than enough space for any tablecloths, bed sheets, or any large pieces of materials.

The design and functionality of the Leifheit Linomatic rotary washing line make it really stand out against any other rotary washing line available on the market. This model is so well designed that it is difficult to know where to start. The easy-to-pull cord raises the rotary washing line so effortlessly and the simple click-in/click-out locks on the rotary arms allow you to position the rotary washing line however you wish. This mechanism is also self-retractable and returns to its standard position once released. 

However, our favourite thing about this Leifheit rotary washing line has to be the way it works to look neat and elegant when not in use. It has a unique clothesline withdrawal system which ensures that the clotheslines remain tangle-free. This also adds to the look of the rotary washing line as the way in which the rotary arms collapse into the main post hiding the clothesline, completely makes the rotary washing line blend into the garden aesthetic. It also protects the clotheslines from being exposed to the elements leading to a longer lifespan. Adding to this the aluminium build of the device also prevents oxidisation and staining of clothes like some models can do. 

One way this model could be improved is the inclusion of a metal self-supporting spike like the Brabantia Lift-O-Matic includes. Do not get us wrong the Leifheit rotary washing line comes with a high-quality ground socket which works extremely well, and we are being extremely picky when calling this out. This ground socket is relatively easy to install with a concrete surround in order to provide complete stability in the ground. 

Saying this, you can easily remove your Leifheit rotary washing line when it is not in use as it is built from lightweight aluminium. This is a major advantage if you need outdoor space for other activities as the device is easily storable. Finally, there is also a guarantee of 3 years that comes with any of the Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Washing Line Deluxe range which gives you peace of mind knowing that you are buying quality.

Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Washing Line 500 Deluxe

Our most expensive pick, but an incredible heavy-duty rotary washing line.
£175.99 Latest Price


The thing that first got us at Washing-Line about this Liefheit rotary washing line was how incredibly intelligent the design was. This was the first rotary device that we came across that retracted the clotheslines back into the rotary arms, and honestly, we were amazed by how well it worked. Add to this all of the other great features of this rotary clothesline, it’s really hard not to like. 

If you checked out our best rotary washing line review then you’ll know that the Liefheit came a close second out of every device on the market. To find out why it got pipped to the post of number one then read our Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Washing Line Review.

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