Best Indoor Retractable Clotheslines 2024

Indoor retractable clotheslines are becoming increasingly popular to dry laundry. The rise in energy costs makes tumble drying more expensive and without the guarantee of good weather all year round, many people are looking for affordable ways to dry washing in their homes and businesses.

At Washing Line, we know our stuff when it comes to clotheslines. So, we have put together this best retractable indoor clothesline review to help you pick the perfect internal washing line for you.

Washing Line Stand Outs

At Washing Line, our goal is to do the research for you to save you time. So at the start of every indoor clothesline review, we include a small highlight section so you can skip to the section you need if you have an idea of what you want already.

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Brabantia Indoor Retractable Washing Line Best Indoor Clothesline

22 Meters of Drying Space, 2.5 Kilograms Weight Capacity & 5-Year Guarantee
£28.79 – £39.99 Latest Price Read full review

I3C Steel Indoor Duo Reel Retractable Clothesline Best Dual Clothesline

8.4 Meters of Drying Space, Stylish, Versatile Use & Easy-To-Install

LIVEHITOP Retractable Clothes Drying Line Best Single Clothesline

4.2 Meters of Drying Space, Discreet & Capable of Drill-Free Installation

Brabantia Indoor Retractable Washing Line

Washing Line’s Best Indoor Retractable Washing Line

If you know about clothesline manufacturers then there is no surprise that Brabantia feature in the top spot for the best retractable indoor washing line. An intelligent design that combines compactness, style and clothesline capacity, it simply had to be our number one pick.

Perfect to fit between two walls, this model can be adjusted to fit gaps of up to 4.4 meters apart. At maximum capacity, it has 22 meters of drying space and can hold 2.5-kilograms of weight. Numbers that compete with most external retractable washing lines.

Easy to use, the pull-out mechanism is smooth and is partnered with an automatic locking system when the clotheslines are extended to keep them taut. The casing and clotheslines are manufactured using corrosion-resistant materials for a long-lasting life, even in tough environments such as bathrooms.

Completed with a 5-year guarantee from Brabantia, you can rest assured of the quality of this indoor retractable clothesline. As an added bonus, Brabantia is partnered with WeForest. Committing to planting a tree for every indoor and outdoor clothesline sold. Helping you to make drying your clothes naturally at home that extra bit greener.

Brabantia Indoor Retractable Washing Line Best Indoor Clothesline

22 Meters of Drying Space, 2.5 Kilograms Weight Capacity & 5-Year Guarantee
£28.79 – £39.99 Latest Price

I3C Steel Indoor Duo Reel Retractable Clothesline

Best Dual Indoor Clothesline

An indoor retractable clothesline that combines both style and usability, I3C designed this model for both indoor and balcony use. Crafted to look and operate beautifully, it is the perfect option if you are looking for a model that complements your property’s design style, available in a choice of white or black.

But it is not all about its looks. The duo reels on this model provide an impressive 4.2 meters (13.7 ft) of drying space each. Allowing you with a large capacity to easily wash a small to a medium load of washing at a time.

This indoor retractable washing line is also built for strength and durability. Manufactured using ABS material for the casing and base, an aluminium bracket and stainless steel clotheslines, there is no question of its quality.

To add further strength and resistance, each washing line is wrapped in plastic to provide water resistance. With its own internal gear mechanism that can lock the clothesline in place to remain taut and stop your wet washing from drooping.

The I3C Steel Indoor Duo Reel Retractable Clothesline is also simple to fit coming with two different installation options. The model comes with its own mounting screws making it simple to install into irregular-shaped walls. Alternatively, you can also fit this indoor retractable clothesline using a nail-free adhesive onto a smooth wall. This will need to be prepared by yourself but is a great option if you do not want to drill holes.

I3C Steel Indoor Duo Reel Retractable Clothesline Best DUAL INdoor ClothesLINE

8.4 Meters of Drying Space, Stylish, Versatile Use & Easy-To-Install
£27.99 Latest Price

LIVEHITOP Retractable Clothes Drying Line

Best Single Indoor Clothesline

A best indoor retractable washing line review would not be complete without a traditional single clothesline model. For us, the LIVEHITOP is the perfect solution if you are looking for a single indoor retractable clothesline.

Offering up to 4.2 meters (13.8 feet) of drying space and with an impressive capacity of 20 kilograms (44 pounds), it is the perfect solution for indoor and even outdoor use. Capable of these incredible capacities thanks to its solid manufacture, LIVEHITOP has cut no corners in its design process.

Crafted from high-quality ABS material, the base and aluminium bracket is strong and durable. Housing the 304 stainless steel clothesline that is wrapped in plastic for increased rust and water resistance. To prevent the clothesline from sagging or stretching, the internal gear system provides resistance to keep the clothesline taut while in use, and to retract safely for storage.

Compact and stylish, this indoor clothesline solution is extremely discreet when not in use, available in both white and black to fit your interior design style. In addition, it is also capable of being fitted easily. Through either using screws on an uneven surface or glue on a smooth surface for a drill-free installation.

An incredible single indoor retractable clothesline. If you are after a strong indoor washing line with a large capacity, the LIVEHITOP Retractable Clothes Drying Line could be perfect for you.

LIVEHITOP Retractable Clothes Drying Line Best Single Clothesline

4.2 Meters of Drying Space, Discreet & Capable of Drill-Free Installation
£14.99 Latest Price

Indoor Retractable Washing Line Frequently Asked Questions

Before deciding that an internal retractable clothesline is the right washing drying mechanism for your home, why not read our guide here at Washing Line. Filled with the answers to the most frequently asked questions we get when it comes to people looking to buy the best indoor retractable clothesline.

What is a retractable indoor clothesline?

A relatively new concept and method for drying wet washing undercover, the retractable indoor clothesline now comes in a range of shapes and sizes. Of course, you can use an external retractable washing line internally, but typically these models are not great looking and provide a much longer line capacity than required.

Indoor retractable clotheslines are purposefully designed to be compact and space-saving when not in use, whilst maximising the utilisation of space when in use. These intelligent designs can provide up to 22 meters of clothesline space to help you quickly and efficiently dry your wet washing indoors.

Why choose an indoor retractable clothesline?

When looking to dry wet laundry indoors or under the cover of a balcony, the only other alternative to choosing an indoor retractable washing line is a clothes airer. Also called clothes drying racks, they are another great option for drying wet clothes indoors and should be considered if they are right for your property.

Where retractable clotheslines have the edge over clothes drying racks is the amount of space, especially floor space, they take up. Indoor retractable washing lines are very compact and take up minimum space when not in use with the clothesline neatly stored away. Whilst in use, they also take up no floor space.

In comparison clothes drying racks take a relatively large amount of floor space when in use due to their expanding mechanism. They also tend to be quite clunky and take up a good amount of storage space when not in use. So, this should be taken into consideration when choosing what is the best way for you to dry wet washing indoors.

What are the different types of indoor retractable washing lines?

In the beginning, the only retractable washing line that was widely available, and commonly used, was a single thin clothesline that typically hung over the bath or shower. Now, through advancements in technology and innovations, indoor retractable clotheslines are available in varying designs and styles.

In this best retractable indoors clothesline review, we pick the best single line, best dual line, best multiple lines and best value retractable washing lines for use indoors.

Can I use an external retractable washing line as an internal washing line?

A notion that clothesline manufacturers have become wise to lately, the answer is yes. On most retractable washing line descriptions you will see that it will state for both internal and external use. There is no issue in using external retractable washing lines indoors and sometimes they can be exactly what you are after.

What we will say at Washing Line is that outdoor retractable washing lines tend to have single lines with a relatively long distance (around 15-20 meters), this may not be suitable if you do not have the indoor space for this capacity. In addition, they also tend to be manufactured for usability rather than appearance. This is fine if they are outside your home. But, indoors, they may ruin the aesthetic of your interior design space.

Although saying this, some models like the LIVIVO Dual Washing Line Airer Reel, do seemingly tackle both of these issues. Sleek in its design and with dual 15-meter clotheslines, it could easily be used as an indoor retractable washing line. If you want to make your mind up for yourself, take a look at our Best Retractable Washing Line Review.

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