Best Retractable Washing Lines 2024

If you have found yourself reading this best retractable washing line review then, you’re probably in the market for a new space-saving clothes drying device, and you are in the right place! At Washing-Line, we use our experience of working in the DIY, hardware and household industry in order to provide the best advice for any customers looking at a new product.

For this article, we have tested all the retractable washing lines available on the market to help you make the decision as to which is best. Our guides are based on our experience with the products, customer feedback and any other information we can find out. We add all this together to save you the leg work and help you make the best decision for you!

Washing Line Stand Outs

Already got an idea in mind for the type of retractable washing line you are looking for? Check out our highlights and top picks below to save you time in finding the right retractable clothesline for you. As we write our guides and reviews for free, if you click through a link on our website and buy an item, Washing Line may receive a small commission. This way we can keep our content free, and help you get the perfect clotheslines for you!

LIVIVO Dual Washing Line Airer Reel Our Top Pick

30-Meters of drying space & suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Vileda Cordomatic 15M Best Value Pick

Great value for money, easy to install & durable.

Brabantia Retractable Indoor Line Best Indoor Pick

Space-saving, compact and practical.
£28.79 – £39.99 Latest Price Read Full Review

LIVIVO Dual Washing Line Airer Reel

Washing Line’s Best Retractable Washing Line

The first thing that struck us about the Livovo dual washing line airer reel was the style. In comparison to most other retractable washing lines available on the market, Livivo has obviously taken the time to design this device to look modern and sleek.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is just in our best retractable washing lines review for its looks though. It is here on merit, and in honesty is probably one of the more heavy-duty lines included.

Livivo has focused on practicality. The back of the housing section sits on a twisting mechanism to allow the lines to be taken in any direction you want. In addition to this, the lines are super easy to hook onto anything sturdy so you can be set up and hang your clean clothes in seconds. Finally, there is an automatic recall mechanism that filters the returning line through the bottom of the device which prevents tangling.

Like the other dual clothes lines included in our review list, each line operates individually which means it can be adapted to a different direction, length, height or even not used at all. In total, this device provides you with 30 meters of drying capacity which is more than enough for a good few loads of washing. As you’d expect the 30 meters clotheslines are split equally between the two 15-metre lines, so you can adjust this to whatever you need.

At Washing-Line we really like how Livivo has combined the elements of complete practicality with looking good in order to produce a great quality retractable clothesline. So if you are looking for something that will be well disguised in your modern outdoor space then this might be the model for you. Style, quality and practicality, what more could you want?

LIVIVO Dual Washing Line Our Top Pick

30-Meters of drying space & suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
£19.99 Latest Price

Vileda Cordomatic Automatic Retractable Clothes Line

Best Affordable Retractable Washing Line

It’s likely that you have heard of the brand Vileda before because of their extensive range of domestic home and garden gadgets. Vileda has grown into a household name, and rightly so, as they produce really high-quality products.

The Vileda Cordomatic is no exception to this. You get exactly what you expect, and that is a great and highly durable retractable clothesline. It is cleverly designed with a UV-resistant housing box that holds 15m of extendable washing line.

Vileda has really made their Cordomatic mechanism easy to use and the inclusion of a tensioning stud ensures that your retractable line is always taut. Then after use, simply pull on the washing line and watch as the line automatically retracts back into the casing.

It seems as though Vileda has really thought of everything when designing this model as it is equally suitable for indoor use as well as indoor use. Regardless of where you are hanging your washing line, it is easily visible with its red colour, preventing accidental injury from collisions.

At Washing-Line we really can’t fault the Vileda Cordomatic retractable clothes line for its functionality at an incredible price. It is simply a great product and so easy to use. If it came down to which is the best affordable retractable clothesline for indoor and outdoor use then Vileda definitely set the benchmark.

Vileda Cordomatic Top Pick

Great value for money, easy to install & durable.
£10.99 Latest Price

Minky Retractable Reel Washing Line 30m

Washing Line’s Honourable Mention

If you do any sort of research into the best retractable washing lines then the name Minky will inevitably come up. Minky is a well-known manufacturer of quality household and garden products and when it comes to retractable clotheslines, they simply excel. The Minky retractable reel washing line is really the complete retractable line.

When you look at the design of this Minky clothesline you can just see that they have thought of everything. The casing (or housing) of the model is sturdy and compact. Making it extremely discreet when not in use as well as being an ideal option for people who are short on outdoor or even indoor space. If you are looking at an option for outdoor use then the casing is UV-resistant and tough.

From this high-quality casing comes not one but two 15m extendable washing lines, that can be used individually or as a pair giving you a total of 30m drying space. These clotheslines are built using extremely heavy-duty metal wiring and coated in PVC in order to provide durability to prevent sagging lines, as well as being weatherproof and rustproof to extend their life. This added protection means that you can use either Minky retractable washing line anywhere you want from bathrooms to balconies.

Minky has also designed this laundry drying mechanism to be as practical as possible. The extension clip on the end of the retractable washing lines can easily be attached and detached from surfaces without tools or leaving marks. This means that you can move around where your lines hang which can be really useful if you need the space or you’re chasing the sunshine around your garden. The lines also retract automatically without tangling, storing themselves back in the casing.

Minky Retractable Reel 30M Most Customisable

Two 15-meter PVC washing lines.
£18.99 Latest Price

Brabantia Retractable Indoor Washing Line

Best Indoor Retractable Washing Line

If you are looking for something a bit different from a standard retractable washing line then you should check out the Brabantia retractable indoor washing line. This device takes up only a small amount of space (well 4.4 meters) but gives you an incredible 22 meters of drying space in return.

As you would expect with a Brabantia product this indoor retractable clothesline is made to be both compact and resistant. There are two different models. A slightly cheaper plastic model and a more premium matt steel version. We have tested both of these Brabantia clotheslines and although the plastic model is very good, the extra durability, style and quality from the matt steel version is so worth a couple of extra quid.

What we loved about both of these devices is that you can literally put it anywhere there’s a gap and it still works great. This is down to the auto-locking system that is used to keep a good tension on the washing lines. This is a really good feature and makes it stand out over other indoor retractable washing lines available.

Once you have dried your washing then all you simply do is unhook the retractable section and return it to the main body. The best thing about this model is that it is so well designed to be discreet when not in use, and if you opt for the matted steel option it can really fit the decor of most modern kitchens and bathrooms.

We can’t hide how much we love the design and functionality of this Brabantia clothesline and it more than deserves its place in our best retractable washing lines review. In fact, if we wrote the best indoor retractable clothesline article we are almost certain that this would come out on top. To top it all off it comes with a 5-year Brabantia guarantee so you simply can’t go wrong.

Brabantia Retractable Indoor Washing Line Best Indoor Option

Space-saving, compact and practical.
£28.79 – £39.99 Latest Price

Artmoon Retractable Washing Line

Washing Line’s Outside Choice

If you are looking for the best small retractable washing line then it is difficult to look much further than the Artmoon retractable washing line. This small and compact gadget is perfect if you only have a small outdoor space.

At Washing-Line we love simple but effective products that just do exactly what the customer wants. Art Moon has designed this washing drying contraption to be so simple yet so effective. The compact holding box houses a single 12m clothesline that is strong enough to hold a reasonable amount of wet laundry.

When we were testing the Artmoon retractable washing line we couldn’t believe how convenient it was and we immediately thought about how suited it is for small gardens, outside spaces and even balconies. The installation is simple too with it having the capability to be attached to a range of surfaces including brick walls, posts and poles.

Art Moon has also coated the whole product to make it weatherproof, mainly preventing the possibility of any damage such as corrosion from wet or damp conditions. There is also a great mechanism in order to keep the washing line taut. Built into the case of the retractable washing line is a tensioning stud. This prevents the clothesline from sagging under the weight of the wet laundry and keeps the line at the right tension.

If you live in a small flat with a small balcony or a building with little to no outdoor space then the Artmoon retractable clothesline might just be for you. Designed and built with an ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ attitude, you won’t be disappointed.

Art Moon Retractable Washing Line Honourable Mention

Easy to install, swivel mechanism and durable.
£24.90 Latest Price

Retractable Washing Line Frequently Asked Questions

When looking to buy a retractable washing line it is always important to make sure you make the right choice for the space you have and the amount of laundry you need to dry. There are several things you may need to consider including price, clothesline capacity, line strength as well as if you want an outdoor or indoor retractable washing line. 

At Washing Line, we regularly get asked a whole range of questions about choosing the best retractable clotheslines. So, we have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive to help you make the right decision for you.

What is a retractable clothesline?

There are a few different names for retractable clotheslines including retractable washing lines and extendable washing lines. However, these all describe the same type of clothes drying device. To put it simply a retractable clothesline is a clothesline that sits in a case or housing until it is pulled out and attached to a wall, post or another sturdy object in order to hang and dry wet washing.

When the device is not in use, you simply un-attach the clothesline from where it is hooked and return the clothesline back into the casing. This is great not only for protecting the clothesline from unnecessary weathering but also frees up your outside space. The standard length of a retractable reel washing line is between 10m and 20m and typical models have a single line. Saying this, there are devices that use dual clotheslines that can go in different directions. This means you can have a much longer clothesline length and dry more washing at one time.

You can install your device to best suit the design of your outside space. The combination of different points where you can hang a retractable washing line is extensive. The most common options are pole to pole, wall to pole and wall to wall. Each of these has its own benefits such as poles or posts can be removed when the device is not in use.

What are the benefits of retractable washing lines?

The most obvious advantage of retractable washing lines is the way they operate. The fact that they are designed to return into the casing when not in use helps protect the clothesline as well as free up your outside space. This is probably the main reason why people choose to buy a retractable washing line over traditional clotheslines that are fixed in position.

Another big benefit is the range of options you get when using it. The retractable clothesline can be attached to a pole, post, wall, fence or anything strong enough to support the weight. Add to this the convenience of changing the angle or direction of where the opposite end of the washing line will attach, which allows you to chase the sun and dry wet washing faster.

Speaking of convenience, they can be used anywhere. So if you are short on outdoor space a retractable washing line can be placed in a garden, alongside a house, on a balcony and, well, basically anywhere that can support the weight. They are also relatively discreet when not in use and by retracting back into the casing, they do not occupy your outdoor space all the time.

The final benefit is the cost-efficiency of retractable clotheslines. Not only are they affordable to buy (some cheaper than £10), but they are also basically free to use every time after your initial purchase. This can save you money on your electric bill by leaving the tumble dryer alone. On that point, retractable washing lines also allow clothes to dry more naturally than tumble dryers. Using these devices is much kinder to the fabric and threads – prolonging their life.

What’s the best retractable washing line?

If you want the short answer, then for us at Washing-Line it is the Minky retractable washing line. It is simply the best option available out there on the market and is our number one recommendation.

If you want the long answer then it is probably still the Minky option, but there are a couple of other contenders. The reason for this is that some models are designed slightly different in order to fulfil different needs. For example, if you are looking for a small retractable clothes line then it’s difficult to overlook the Artmoon extendable washing line. It is easy to install, has 12m clothesline length and is ideal if you are short on drying space.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something a bit different like an indoor retractable washing line then Brabantia retractable indoor washing line might be for you. The design maximises the drying space available creating a huge 22 meters of clothesline space whilst using less than 5 meters in space. It can be installed in your bathroom, kitchen, conservatory, shed or anywhere you have enough room and the auto-locking system it operates ensure lines are always taut.

As we previously mentioned, the best retractable washing line for you is dependent on what you need, how much space you have and where that space is. As most models are more than affordable, price doesn’t really come into it as a factor. Our advice at Washing-Line is to always spend those few extra pounds as it can make the world of difference in terms of quality and the product’s life.

What is the best outdoor retractable clothesline?

Again, as you’d expect from our previous answer the Minky retractable washing line comes out on top when it comes to the best outdoor clothesline. The flexibility and convenience provided by its dual lines which add up to an impressive 30m drying space are simply outstanding. It is also designed and built using high-quality materials with the whole device being completely weatherproof to prevent erosion or sagging and rustproof to prolong the mechanism’s life.

If you are reading this but you’re not after a dual washing line then the Vileda Cordomatic could be the best option for you. The device is UV-resistant and so is the 15 meters of clothesline retractable back into the compact housing. To add to this there is the key feature of a tension stud which constantly works in order to keep the clothesline taut, especially when holding heavy washing.

What is the best indoor retractable clothesline?

When it comes to the best indoor clothesline then for us it’s a toss-up between the Vileda Cordomatic and the Brabantia indoor retractable washing line. The easiest way to decide between these two options is what your needs are, where you have space and what type of space you need.

If you are after a traditional retractable drying device then the Vileda is the one for you. With 15m of strong clothes line held taut by a tension stud mechanism, it is a really high-quality product. One thing we really like about it is the visibility of the red clothesline which helps avoid accidents from happening if you are using it in a room that someone may visit.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more innovative retractable line then we would recommend the Brabantia Indoor lines. The matt steel version is really a premium clothes drying device, which effortlessly combines durability and style to fit the design of your room. The product sits in gaps up to 4.4 meters in length and gives you a huge 22m of drying space. It is also really easy to install and you can have it up and running in no time. To add to this Brabantia offer a 5-year guarantee, what more could you want?

How to choose between a single line and dual lines washing line?

You’d think the answer to this would be simple. But it is not as obvious as it first seems. The first thing you need to consider is the size and shape of the indoor or outdoor space where you are considering installing retractable lines.

If your space is relatively straightforward and there is a reasonable distance of around 10-20m available then the answer to the question is easier. It is simply dependent on how much washing line space you need. The more washing, the more drying capacity you need.

However, if your outside space is L-shaped or ‘dog-legged’ as it’s sometimes called. Overall, a dual retractable washing line may save you money instead of buying two products. The beauty of a dual-line model is that they are flexible and the lines do not necessarily have to go in the same direction or be of the same length.

The individuality of these lines means that you can position the retractable washing line case in the middle of an irregular shape and have two different clothes lines heading in opposing directions and at different lengths. This provides you with a lot more customisation in how you set out your clothes lines in order to get the maximum drying space available.

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