Why Choose A Retractable Washing Line?

Benefits and drawbacks of retractable washing lines.

There are many different clothesline devices that you can use to dry your wet washing naturally. Due to this, you may find yourself asking why should you choose a retractable washing line?

At Washing Line, we like to assist in any way we can when it comes to helping you dry your laundry. So, we decided to put a quick guide together on the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a retractable washing line, to provide you with everything needed to make the right choice for you.

Retractable Washing Line Benefits

Most positive points for retractable washing lines are also true for other clothesline devices as they essentially dry washing using natural elements. However, as you will find out in this section, there are several advantages to using a retractable washing line that is unique to its design.


Clotheslines use the environment to dry clothes naturally. This means that you do not need to use electricity as with tumble dryers. This is kinder to the environment and also prevents the additional build-up of electricity byproducts, such as heat, which can be an inconvenience in the Summer months.


As retractable clotheslines do not need electricity or a power source in order to dry clothes, after the initial purchase cost, there is no added cost to drying your clothes. In comparison, tumble dryers can cost as much as £1.50 in electricity for each cycle. This may not seem a lot, but over a year, using a clothesline to dry your clothes naturally can dramatically reduce your energy bill. Add to this the rise in energy costs, the retractable washing line is a much more affordable way to dry your wet clothes.


One key advantage of using a retractable clothesline for your clothes drying needs is that they don’t take up a lot of space. This makes them a great choice for houses, flats and properties without a lot of room. In fact, this is probably the number one reason that people end up buying a retractable line instead of another type. If you don’t have a lawn or yard big enough for a permanent clothesline, such as a rotary washing line, then a retractable clothesline is a great alternative.


Adding to the compact benefit, retractable clotheslines are also discreet, with the retracted clothesline now typically on a swivel that can be pushed against the wall which makes it hardly visible. This is great if you care about the general aesthetics of your home. But, can also come in handy if you are not meant to hang clothes in your yard due to a homeowners association or neighbourhood rules. Using a retractable clothesline in this situation would allow you to have it out for only the time that you need it, and it might even fit in a spot where no one would be able to see it in any case.


What used to be a drawback of retractable clotheslines has now been completely flipped into a benefit thanks to innovation in technologies. Retractable washing lines are no longer restricted to only having up to 20 meters in clothesline length thanks to models with dual clotheslines that double your drying capacity. Some indoor retractable washing lines also have up to 8 clotheslines maximising both the utilisation of space and the size of washing loads that you can dry at once.


As with everything, there are a couple of unavoidable drawbacks. Retractable clotheslines are no exception to this rule. So to provide a balanced argument we have outlined the potential disadvantages of choosing a retractable washing line.


A drawback that you may never experience, but should be considered is that retractable washing lines are quite fiddly to fix. Although relatively simple operating mechanisms are used for the retracting motions, these are usually sealed away in the protective case. If there is a serious issue where the mechanism is totally broken, as opposed to a tangle or a snag, any attempt to remove the casing to fix the mechanism will most likely void the warranty from the manufacturer.


Retractable clotheslines tend to have lifespans of 1-5 years depending on the amount of usage, how well it’s looked after and the original quality of the model. Cheaper models tend to deteriorate a lot quicker than heavy-duty options, so although you save money when you buy the first time, you may find that for the same lifespan you may end up needing to buy two retractable washing lines.

Retractable Washing Line Benefits

Unfortunately, at Washing Line, we cannot answer this question for you as it depends on your property’s size, available space and budget. What we can do is provide you with all the information you need, like in the guide above, so that you can take into consideration all factors carefully before you purchase your clothesline. Any clothesline will help you save money on your power bill and will be a great choice for the planet. But, getting the right clothesline for you, will also make your life much more simple.

If you have decided that a retractable washing line is for you, read our Best Retractable Clothesline Review to help you pick the perfect model for you!

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