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There are many benefits to drying your wet laundry on an outdoor clothesline, from the fact it saves energy, money, and is generally kinder on clothes. The most traditional clothesline is a standard clothesline that hangs between two fixed points. If these fixed points are quite far apart, it is best to use one, or several, washing line poles in between these points. This helps to spread the weight strain and prevent the clothesline from drooping and your wet washing dragging on the floor.

But which is the best washing line pole? At Washing Line, we have done the hard work for you, researching everything you need to know in order to help you choose the best clothesline pole for you.

Washing Line Stand Outs

We know that you probably have an idea in mind as to what type of washing line pole you are after, as well as your budget. So, to save you time, here are our top picks, each with its own full detailed review below.

ASONS® Telescopic Clothesline Support Pole Our Top Pick

Easy to install, 1.4 meters to 2.6 meters adjustable height, lightweight & durable.
£8.99 – £19.99 Latest Price Read full review

Abaseen Telescopic Clothes Line Prop Best Value Pick

Quick to install, up to 2.4 meters adjustable height & cheaper when buying 2 or 3 poles.
£8.99 – £19.99 Latest Price Read Full Review

DJM 2-Piece Heavy-Duty Steel Washing Line Post Best HEAVY DUTY Post

2.4 meter galvanised post with 1.7mm thick steel for incredible weatherproofing.


Washing Line’s Best Washing Line Pole

Simply a great all-rounder, this Sasons telescopic washing line post deservedly earns the top spot in our best clothesline post review. A pole that is high-quality, weatherproof, durable, easy to use and all for a great price, this really does tick all the boxes.

Starting with its best feature, the Sasons telescopic post can extend from 1.25 meters to 2.6 meters with the use of its simple twist and lock mechanism. This incredible range of height allows you to hang up and collect your washing at the most comfortable height for you. Whilst also being able to extend the pole to a higher height in between to help your wet washing dry faster.

The post itself comes in two parts which easily connect together to create the telescopic feature. To help weatherproof this post, both poles are manufactured from galvanised steel that feels durable and sturdy. Meaning it can stand strong in windy conditions whilst also withstand being exposed to water on a regular basis without rusting.

On the top, Sasons has designed a polypropylene hook that includes an adjustable locking mechanism. This uniquely shaped hook also has a rubber grip that keeps your clothesline taut, whilst allowing it a little bit of give, so that it can flow naturally in the wind.

The one drawback we did find with the Sasons telescopic clothesline post was that although the pole is black in all of the product images, they do warn that the colour of the pole may vary depending on the available stock. Although this is only a cosmetic issue, it may be worth considering buying spray paint if you are after a certain colour washing line post to fit your outdoor space’s look. 

If you are looking for a high-quality telescopic washing line post at a great price, then at Washing Line we have to recommend the Sasons telescopic clothesline post. The adjustable height range of 1.4 meters to 2.6 meters is outstanding and so simple to alter thanks to the easy twist and lock mechanism. The galvanised steel provides protection against the elements whilst keeping it lightweight and durable to handle almost all weather conditions. Completed with the intelligent polypropylene hook and rubber grip, it is easy to select this as Washing Line’s number one clothesline post.


Easy to install, 1.4 meters to 2.6 meters adjustable height, lightweight & durable.
£8.99 – £19.99 Latest Price

Abaseen Telescopic Clothes Line Prop

Best Value Clothesline Post

Very unlucky to be pipped to the top stop in this best washing line post review. The Abaseen telescopic clothes line prop provides healthy competition to the Sasons post reviewed above. Coming down to a technicality in that this model only extends to 2.4 meters in height, don’t be too hasty in overlooking this great washing line prop. 

Starting with how easy it is to install, this Abaseen washing line prop is simple to set up allowing you to use it straight out of the packaging. It is topped with a rubber grip that is designed to hold your washing line taut whilst providing a little give to adjust to the changing weather conditions. The telescopic mechanism is also easy to use, allowing you to hang your washing on the line before extending it higher to dry faster and then returning it to a lower height to make removing your dry washing from the line. 

The lightweight posts also mean that it is convenient to remove and replace the posts when needed if you want to free up your outdoor space when not in use. However, this lightweight property does make the post feel a little fragile, especially when fully extended, with some customer reviews suggesting the posts have bent and in the rare case snapped.

Another minor drawback with this washing line post is the fact that it may not come in silver and blue or silver and black colour as seen in the product images. So again, if you are after a certain colour clothesline post to fit your garden’s look, we advise that it is best to invest in some spray paint or look for a different model. 

Overall, the Abaseen telescopic washing line prop was very unlucky to not take the title of best washing line post. It has many positives including being simple to assemble, easy to use, lightweight, durable and extendable up to 2.4 meters in height. It is not always the bridesmaid though, as at Washing Line we found that if you are looking for 2 or 3 washing line props, the Abaseen model will save you money making it our pick for the best value washing line post.

Abaseen Telescopic Clothes Line Prop Best Value Pick

Quick to install, up to 2.4 meters adjustable height & cheaper when buying 2 or 3 poles.
£8.99 – £19.99 Latest Price

DJM 2-Piece Heavy-Duty Steel Washing Line Post

Best Heavy-Duty Washing Line Post

At first glance, the price difference between this DJM Galvanised Clothes Post and the other options in this best washing line post review may just put you off. However, if you live in a particularly windy area or you regularly have large loads of heavy washing, then you will need a heavy-duty clothesline post to keep up with your demands.

This DJM post is manufactured from 1.7mm thick galvanised steel, in comparison to the standard 1.0mm thick steel used in most other washing line poles available. The galvanisation of all the steel parts also provides incredible weatherproof protection, allowing this an incredible lifespan even when it is continuously exposed to the elements.

It also comes with a ground socket that is simple to cement into the ground using DJM’s helpful guide to installing your washing line post that is included in the packaging. To add to this solid base, the post is 45mm in diameter and 2.4 meters in height. A key reason why this is the best heavy-duty clothesline post is that this solid pole has no weak points, a common issue with the connecter sections of telescopic clothes poles. This does come with the drawback of not being adjustable in height, but the extra strength and structure it provides make this the best heavy-duty clothesline post on the market.

So, if you are looking for the best heavy-duty clothesline post that can take large loads of wet washing you cannot go wrong with the DJM Galvanised Steel Washing Line Post. Incredibly strong, weatherproof and 2.4 meters tall, at Washing Line, we definitely believe this post is worth the investment.

Clothesline Posts Frequently Asked Questions

Before you decide on which is the right clothesline post for you and your property, you may have a few generic questions about what to look for in a washing line post. At Washing Line, we have put together all of the most common questions that we receive from customers when they are looking to buy a new clothesline post.

How to put a washing line pole in the ground?

Every washing line pole that you purchase will come with set installation instructions and at Washing Line, we advise you to follow the instructions for your specific model. This will depend on whether the post is designed to be cemented into the ground, or placed into a ground spike that can provide a concrete-free solution.

However, if you want an idea of how you install a clothesline pole before you make your purchase we have created a very basic guide to explain below.

Step 1: Choose where you want your clothesline pole to be located and use a spade to dig a hole (approximately 50-60cm deep and 25-35cm wide). Before you start any digging, it is always advised that you use a cat scanner to quickly check the area for any hazards such as drains or cables below.

Step 2: To check the height that your new clothesline will sit, place your washing line post in the hole and check how high the line will sit. Your clothesline should be at a height whereby the longest thing you will be drying, typically towels or bed sheets, will still be a good foot off the ground.

Step 3: Make sure that your washing line post is perfectly vertical by using a spirit level on top. Once you have it in the correct position, secure it in place using a clamp or if you have assistance get them to hold it tightly.

Step 4: Check your pole’s position with the spirit level one last time, and if happy, prepare your rapid set concrete and pour it into the hole. Before it sets, make sure to triple-check the posts positioning with the spirit level.

Step 5: Rapid set concrete tends to take 10-15 minutes to set, but check your own package’s instructions. Once set, allow the washing line post to stand freely. At Washing Line, we advise that is best to wait 24 hours before using your new clothesline to make sure that the concrete is fully set and the post is securely in place.

How to tie a washing line to a pole?

Most modern washing line poles now have clever grips that hold the washing line in place via a hook mechanism. These intelligently designed features provide give that allows the washing line to move freely in the wind without putting strain on the line. It also means that the washing line remains taught so that the clothesline does not droop and keeps your clean washing high above the ground.

Other models use old-fashioned pin styles that will require you to wrap the washing line around the hooks that stick out of the post. To tie washing lines to these posts we advise you to watch a Youtube video in order to get the perfect tautness to your clothesline.

How tall is a washing line post?

Washing line posts come in a complete range of heights, with the standard being 2 to 3 meters (approx. 6.5 to 9.9 feet). Saying this, most modern clothesline posts are now manufactured with telescopic or extendable mechanisms that allow you to adjust the washing post to the height required.

What are clothesline posts manufactured from?

The original washing line post was crafted using wood, as most were homemade using whatever resources were available. However, if the wood was not treated with a preservative or maintained correctly, early washing line poles’ lifespan was short.

In the modern day, as with most things, washing line poles are now manufactured from either plastic or metal. This is due to both of these materials being more weather resistant, easier to clean and also need less maintenance.

Should you get a metal or plastic washing line post?

Both metal and plastic are used to manufacture modern washing line poles due to their high weather resistance as we previously mentioned. But which material is best for your clothes drying needs? Typically, this answer depends on where you are going to position your clothesline post and also whether it is going to be fixed in place or regularly removed to free up your outside space.

Metal clothesline poles are much more heavy-duty than plastic poles, which is a huge benefit if you live in a particularly windy place or you want something that is going to sit in one place for years to come. However, this robustness comes at the cost of extra weight in comparison to plastic options. Saying this, most clothesline posts available on the market today use more lightweight steel to combine both durability and lightweight properties.

Plastic washing line poles tend to be lighter and are a much better option if you do not want a fixed washing line post in the centre of your outside space all year round. Still sturdy and capable of standing strong in light weather conditions, if you are going to regularly move your post you may want to consider a plastic option.

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