Best Camping Rotary Washing Line 2024

If you are a regular on campsites, in either your tent or your campervan, then you may be considering a camping rotary washing line to help you dry wet clothes and laundry whilst you are away.

From planned washing and drying towels, to getting caught in unexpected downpours, or sporadic swims whilst out on trips; you may find yourself in need of more space to dry your wet washing. Hanging it over every free side in your van can be space-consuming and leave your van smelling slightly damp, whilst in tents your options of where to hang wet clothes are typically limited.

At Washing Line, we have put together this guide on the best camping rotary washing lines to help you choose the perfect portable clothesline for you to take along with you on your next trip. We have also put together a quick guide on what to look for when you are looking to buy a portable rotary clothesline.

Washing Line Stand Outs

To save you time searching, in all of our clothesline reviews we include a highlight section so you can find the information you want quickly. We also provide links for you to check out the latest prices of the items and to check yourself for the best deals. If you click on a link and buy a camping clothesline, then we receive a small commission. This allows us to keep our website advert free, so you can access all of our tips, advice and reviews hassle-free.

Minky IH87701102 Freestanding Indoor/Outdoor Airer bEST cAMPING rOTARY lINE

15m of Drying Space, Sturdy Moulded Joints, Easy-Click Function and Ground Pegs Included.

Xtremeauto 4 Arm Rotary Camping Washing Line SMALL BUSINESS Choice

25kg Washing Load Capacity, Compact Design, Adjustable Heights and Ground Pegs Included.

Oypla 4-Arm Freestanding Rotary Airer AMAZON'S choice

15m of Drying Space, PVC Coated Washing Line, Easy To Assemble, Extremely Lightweight and Portable.

Minky IH87701102 Freestanding Indoor/Outdoor Airer

Best Camping Rotary Washing Line

A well-known and well-trusted brand, you know that when you are buying Minky, you are buying quality. Our top pick for the best camping rotary washing line, this freestanding model can also be great for use at home too.

To begin, the 15 meters of drying space gives enough clothesline to wash a large single machine load without occupying too much space. This makes it great for erecting outside your caravan or tent to dry wet clothes, whether newly washed or if you get caught in a storm.

A sturdy freestanding clothes airer you can really feel the quality of Minky’s design and manufacturing when you clip the unit into position. The moulded joints and extra strong tubular steel provide incredible rigidity with the tripod base, and included ground pegs, ensuring that this outdoor airer won’t topple over in the wind.

Perfect for camping, caravanning and even home use, the Minky Freestanding Indoor/Outdoor Airer has an intelligent compact design that allows it to be stored away quickly and neatly, taking up very little space when not in use.

As with all freestanding rotary washing lines, this Minky model has some limitations when it comes to very strong winds. However, as long as you’re sensible in what conditions you put up this freestanding airer, for us it’s the best camping rotary washing line available on the market.

Minky IH87701102 Freestanding Indoor/Outdoor Airer bEST cAMPING rOTARY lINE

15m of Drying Space, Sturdy Moulded Joints, Easy-Click Function and Ground Pegs Included.
£34.99 Latest Price

Xtremeauto 4 Arm Rotary Camping Washing Line

Washing-Lines Small Business Pick

The only portable rotary clothes line that is purposefully designed for camping, caravaning and motorhome use is this Xtremeauton model. And that is what makes it so good.

This 4-arm rotating washing line has a maximum drying capacity of 25kg, allowing you to wash over a single load in one go. It also is easy to operate and gives you a choice of adjustable heights that can be simply switched between.

The ease of portability has also been considered. Resulting in a lightweight unit that, folds down compactly to effortlessly fit into the easy-to-carry holdall bag.

For its stability, Xtremeauto has manufactured this clothesline with strong aluminium and includes 3 ground pegs to help secure it to the ground. Again, as with most freestanding and portable rotary airers, the most common issue with the 4-arm Xtremeaouto clothesline is its ability to stay upright in strong winds.

Saying this, the included ground pegs along with the weight of drying clothes do provide a reasonable amount of sturdiness to light winds. As always, our advice is to use air on the side of caution in high winds to ensure that the airer doesn’t fall over and dirty your drying clothes.

Xtremeauto 4 Arm Rotary Camping Washing Line SMALL BUSINESS Choice

25kg Washing Load Capacity, Compact Design, Adjustable Heights and Ground Pegs Included.
£43.50 Latest Price

Oypla 4-Arm Freestanding Rotary Airer

Amazon’s Pick for Best Camping Rotary Clothesline

Amazon’s top pick when it comes to a portable rotary washing line for camping is the Oypla 4-Arm Freestanding Rotary Airer.

Also with 15 metres of hanging space, this model can also withstand a full wash load, usually with a little space to spare. Its clothesline is coated in PVC for extra durability and grip, helping to ensure that washing stays pegged to the line.

Easy to transport and carry, Oypla has opted for a lightweight design using aluminium and plastic brackets, making it great for taking on hikes and camping trips. All of these fixtures operate smoothly for an easy set-up of the rotary airer simply by placing the main shaft into the base and allowing it to fold out itself.

The main issue we found with the Oypla Lightweight Freestanding Rotary Airer was the sturdiness when washing heavy items like wet towels, or when exposed to wind. The light weightiness of the model means that it isn’t the most structurally sound and can often topple over.

Perhaps an oversight by Oypla, but this model does not come with ground pegs to secure it in place. Many others have had similar issues online opting to use camping pegs to make this freestanding rotary airer more secure.

Oypla 4-Arm Freestanding Rotary Airer AMAZON'S TOP PICK

15m of Drying Space, PVC Coated Washing Line, Easy To Assemble, Extremely Lightweight and Portable.
£34.99 Latest Price

Retractable Washing Line Frequently Asked Questions

There is a range of different things that you should consider before you buy a rotary washing line. To make sure that you get the most for your money and a clothes drying device that is right for you. From the different lifting systems to the length of clothesline it is easy to get confused as to what you might need. At Washing-Line we have created a list of the most important features of rotary washing lines and what to look for. All of these are outlined in our full rotary washing line buying guide below.

What is a camping rotary washing line?

Often referred to as camping or caravan rotary washing lines, any portable rotary clotheslines are perfect for taking away with you on your trips to help you dry wet washing, quickly, effectively and in an eco-friendly way.

Why do you need a clothesline for camping?

If you are a regular camper or you have a campervan that you enjoy spending breaks away in, then it may be worth investing in a portable clothesline that you can take on the road with you.

From the unpredictable weather not matching what the report said, to spontaneous swims, and the obvious general washing of clothes or drying towels, there are many reasons why a clothesline may come in handy whilst you travel.

Having a portable camping washing line in your arsenal provides you with extra space, and faster clothes drying times, reducing the likelihood of your clothes (and the inside of your tent or campervan) from smelling damp.

How to choose the best camping rotary washing line?

The three main things that you need to consider when you are looking to buy the perfect camping rotary washing line are capacity, weight and size.

All rotary clotheslines have both a weight and length capacity that lets you know how big of a load of wet washing you can dry at once. Make sure that you get a size that fits your needs. There typically is not that much of a difference between models with clothesline lengths ranging from 15 meters to 20 meters and weight capacities from 15Kg to 25Kg.

Next, think about the size and weight of the rotary washing line when retracted. If you are hiking a while before finding the perfect camping spot, you will most likely want a smaller and lighter model to make it easier to carry it along with the rest of your gear. Alternatively, if you are in a campervan, you may want to consider the size for storage purposes, and the weight for carrying it in and out of your camper.

Are there any other names for camping rotary washing lines?

Although commonly referred to as camping rotary washing lines, there is not actually a clothesline that is purposefully designed solely for camping or campervanning. When searching for the best camping washing line, what you are actually looking for is the best portable rotary washing line. This is why it is always good to also search for portable rotary washing lines so that you don’t miss out on any great deals that may not specifically use the term camping.

What are common problems with camping rotary washing lines?

Unfortunately, the benefit of being portable, means that camping rotary washing lines are not completely fixed to one place and can be affected by strong winds.

How a portable or camping rotary clothesline stays securely in place depends on the model and its design. Most commonly, portable rotary washing lines include pegs and peg hooks. This makes it suitable for use in most weather conditions, and even on softer ground. This is an important factor to consider if you are looking to use your new camping rotary washing line on the soft ground regularly, as it provides extra peace of mind that your device won’t tip over in windy conditions.

However, at Washing-Line, we are yet to find an extremely heavy-duty camping washing line that can withstand high winds. This is mainly because these clotheslines need to be lightweight and small, so that portability is easy. Our best advice is to buy a model with pegs which you can secure firmly into the ground and only use it in light to moderate winds in order to reduce the risk of your clothesline falling over whilst in use.

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