What is a heavy duty rotary washing line?

Bed sheets on a heavy duty washing line

When researching which rotary washing line is best for you, you may find yourself asking what is a heavy duty rotary washing line? But don’t worry, because here at Washing-Line we have a full guide on what heavy-duty rotary clotheslines are, including their advantages and why buying one might be right for you! You should also check out our best rotary washing line review, to help you choose the right rotary washing line for you.

The rotary washing line is now one of the most common ways to dry washing across the world. The advantages of being affordable, environmentally friendly, kind to clothes and easy to use have made these clothes drying devices a popular choice. As with all good products companies look to innovate and come out with new designs and the rotary washing line is no different. Over the past decade, there have been countless new advancements in technologies from making rotary washing lines easier to operate to different models and designs. One of these new device designs is the heavy duty rotary washing line.

Characteristics of heavy-duty rotary washing lines

The purpose of the heavy duty rotary washing line is simply to be more robust and strong. This allows it to stay firmly in its socket in adverse weather conditions as well as be able to hold heavier loads of wet washing. Leading household and outdoor brands such as Brabantia, Vileda and many others all now offer a heavy duty rotary washing line option as part of their product range. The difference between heavy duty rotary washing lines and standard models is typically a high strength clothesline and the use of higher-quality metal in their build. 

Strong Clotheslines

One of the main characteristics that clotheslines are measured by is their line strength. This measurement is normally given as a weight, and this weight indicates the breaking point of the line. Basically, when manufacturers test clotheslines they test the strength of a washing line by calculating how much weight is needed to snap it. If a clothesline needs a higher weight to snap it then it is considered a heavy duty clothesline.

If you tend to do large amounts of washing or loads that are heavy when wet (such as bed sheets) then you’ll need a strong clothesline. Some of these devices use tension line clips which are used to keep their clotheslines taught. Heavy duty rotary washing lines have clotheslines with high breaking points allowing them to hold heavier loads meaning you can get more washing dry faster. 

Build Material

The second characteristic associated with heavy duty rotary washing lines is the material they are manufactured out of. A good-quality heavy duty rotary washing line will be made from strong steel. This steel provides a stronger base for the device as a whole making it structurally more stable in extreme weathers. The importance of this is that it ensures the device does not lean or fall over, causing the wet washing to pick up dirt whilst also no longer drying. The quality steel used is also galvanised for extra protection against the elements. This coating will not only stop the rotary washing line from rusting but also keep it from being worn down by the elements.  

Cemented Base

Another common feature of heavy duty rotary washing lines is the need for the device to be fit into a fixed cemented socket. This is fairly typical of heavy duty rotary clotheslines as it uses this base as leverage to stay upright in high winds. These are preferred over ground sockets as when they are placed in soft ground, extreme weather can lead to the rotary washing line post leaning, decreasing the effectiveness of the clothes drying.

Why do you need a heavy-duty rotary washing line?

There are several different reasons why you should consider buying a heavy duty rotary washing line. These reasons include if you live in an area that regularly experiences adverse weather conditions, if you need to dry a large number of washing loads or if you need to dry large pieces of material. If you want more information on why you need a heavy-duty rotary washing line then read our articles on the advantages and disadvantages of heavy-duty rotary washing lines.

Adverse Weather

The first of these reasons: if you live in an area which regularly gets strong winds or adverse weather conditions seems a bit contradictory. You might be thinking at this point aren’t rotary washing lines meant to use the wind in order to work? And, you would be right too. The rotating element uses the wind in order to spin which allows more air to flow through the clothes and speed up the process of drying. 

However, this is most effective in light to intermediate winds with strong winds can potentially damage cheap rotary washing lines. Using a heavy duty washing line that has a strong cemented base and is made from high-quality steel ensures the structural stability of the device, even in extreme weather. It is also important that when not in use during adverse weather you should collapse your rotary washing line and use a rotary washing line cover to help protect it from the elements.

Large Washing Loads

You might not think about it but if you are regularly completing a large number of washing loads then a heavy duty rotary washing line would be a great choice for you. The need to dry large number of loads of wet washing can be down to having a large family, cleaning a sports kit or bedding among a list of other reasons. Heavy duty rotary washing lines are not only built for durability, but they also tend to have longer clothesline lengths. 

The extra space on the device allows you to dry large articles of wet washing such as bedsheets which makes it a perfect option if you run a small business such as a B&B. With the high-quality steel used in the post and rotary arms providing it with the ability for it to withstand strong winds. This means that you’ll have the capability to deal with these large number of loads, without having to worry about the device breaking.

Is a heavy duty rotary washing line right for you?

There is no actual reason as to why you should not purchase a heavy duty rotary washing line beside your budget. This is because heavy duty rotary washing lines are typically the same size and operate the same as normal devices. However, if you are looking for a cheap rotary washing line then a heavy-duty option probably isn’t for you.

Heavy-duty rotary washing lines are made of much higher quality materials and this is reflected in their price. So, if you are looking for a strong and sturdy device that will last a lifetime, then you should really consider a heavy duty rotary washing line. 

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